Getting started and moving forward

MT One Stop and its location in the $16 million Student Services and Admissions Center (SSAC), 1860 Blue Raider Drive, mark your starting point for assistance as a prospective, new, or current student.

The 58,000-square-foot SSAC demonstrates MTSU’s emphasis on student success and focus on keeping students enrolled and matriculating toward a college degree.

The building is connected to the Student Union by a pedestrian bridge. It has offices that help students with everything related to admissions, records and enrollment, financial aid, and scheduling. (The Bursar’s Office is also in the SSAC.)

The SSAC houses MT One Stop, a place that helps students with concerns about tuition and billing, financial aid, registration, and transcripts.

The University’s new model for enrollment management has completely changed the way students experience MTSU. There’s less frustration and a clearer path for students to follow toward graduation.

Students no longer have to bounce across campus from department to department, office to office, to get details about enrolling at MTSU. MT One Stop has a dedicated staff to answer questions and address concerns of all kinds, giving students more time to concentrate on academic success.

What next?

After you’re admitted, your MT One Stop enrollment counselor will be with you from your first day until you graduate. You’ll be reminded about deadlines and get help in navigating class scheduling. As you pursue your academic goals, MT One Stop will support you. When you need help or have questions about turning in forms for financial aid, printing transcripts, understanding your bill, processing drop/add forms to change your class schedule, or any other administrative issue, you can come to us. MT One Stop has experienced people to help you!

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