MTSU Campus Map

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Take the self-guided walking tour! Tour points are denoted by the corresponding number in the pink boxes on the map.

ABER Abernathy Hall, 1719 Alumni Dr., D5
ALOF Alumni Office, 2263 Middle Tennessee Blvd., A5
ALUM Alumni House, 2259 Middle Tennessee Blvd., A5
AMG Alumni Memorial Gym, 2610 Middle Tennessee Blvd., B3
BAS Business and Aerospace Building, 1642 MTSU Blvd., D4
BDA Boutwell Dramatic Arts Building, 615 Champion Way, C3
BH Beasley Hall, 323 Friendship St., C5
BLH TCWNHA (Black House), 1417 East Main St., C6
CAB Cope Administration Building, 315 Visitor’s Circle, B5
CH College Heights Building, 1607 East Main St., C6
CKNB Cason-Kennedy Nursing Building, 610 Champion Way, C3
COE College of Education Building, 1756 MTSU Blvd., D4
COGN Central Utility Plant/Cogeneration Plant, 729 Champion Way, C2
BRAGG John Bragg Media and Entertainment Building, 1735 Blue Raider Drive, D4
CORL Corlew Hall, 1634 MTSU Blvd., C3
CSB Central Services Building (Day Care Center), 1835 Alumni Dr., E5
DH Deere Hall, 1619 Alumni Dr., D5
DSB Davis Science Building, 422 Old Main Circle, C4
DYS Tennessee Center for the Study and Treatment of Dyslexia, 200 North Baird Ln., C6
EHS Ellington Human Sciences Building, 2623 Middle Tennessee Blvd., A2
EZEL Ezell Hall, 1727 Blue Raider Dr., D5
FAIR Fairview Building, 820 Fairview Ave, A1
FH Forrest Hall, 543 Champion Way, C3
GH Greenhouse, 1724 Lightning Way, D3
GRH Gracy Hall, 321 Friendship St., C5
HARR Center for Historic Preservation, 1416 East Main St., B6
HC Horticulture Facility, 1714 Lightning Way, D3
HMA Housing Maintenance Annex, 657 Founders Ln., D3
HOB Holmes Building (Maintenance), 836 Champion Way, D2
HONR Paul W. Martin Sr. Honors Building, 1737 Blue Raider Dr., D4
ING Sam H. Ingram Building, 2269 Middle Tennessee Blvd., A5
JACK Tom H. Jackson Building, 628 Alma Mater Dr., B3
JCH Jim Cummings Hall, 1744 MTSU Blvd., D3
JH Jones Hall, 624 Old Main Circle, C3
JUB James Union Building, 516 Alma Mater Dr., B4
JUDD Judd Hall, 217 Friendship St., C5
KOM Kirksey Old Main, 612 Old Main Circle, B3
KSHF Emmett and Rose Kennon Sports Hall of Fame, 1320 Greenland Dr., B2
KUC Keathley University Center, 1524 Military Memorial, C4
LH Lyon Hall, 414 Alma Mater Dr., B4
LIB James E. Walker Library, 1611 Alumni Dr., D5
LRC Ned McWherter Learning Resources Center, 1558 Military Memorial, C4
MARY Miss Mary Hall, 414 Alma Mater Dr., B4
MB McFarland Building, 654 Founders Ln., D3
MC Murphy Center, 2650 Middle Tennessee Boulevard, B2
MCH McHenry Hall, 414 Alma Mater Dr., B4

MEC Andrew Woodfin Miller, Sr. Education Center, 503-509 Bell Street, (See inset at top right)
MGB Midgett Building, 612 Old Main Circle, B3
MOH Monohan Hall, 312 Alma Mater Dr., B5
NEO Naked Eye Observatory, 346 Old Main Circle, B4
NICK Nicks Hall, 1715 Alumni Dr., D5
OBS Observatory, 346 Old Main Circle, C5
PCS Homer Pittard Campus School, 923 East Lytle St., A4
PH Peck Hall, 537 Old Main Circle, B4
PHLP Project Help, 206 North Baird Ln., C5
PKS Parking Services Building, 1403 East Main St., B6
PSB Printing Services Building, 1756 Greenland Dr., D2
REC Health, Wellness, and Recreation Center (also Health Services), 1848 Blue Raider Dr., E4
REH Reynolds Hall, 312 Alma Mater Dr., B5
RH Rutledge Hall, 526 Alma Mater Dr., B3
ROTX ROTC Annex, 531 Champion Way, C4
SAG Stark Agribusiness and Agriscience Center, 651 Founders Ln., D3
SBCH Stephen B. Smith Baseball Clubhouse, 641 Champion Way, C2
SCA Scarlett Commons Apartments, 1858 MTSU Blvd., E3
SCC Sports Club Complex, 2111 East Main St., F7
SCH Schardt Hall, 312 Alma Mater Dr., B5
SCI Science Building, 440 Friendship St., C5
SCP Satellite Chiller Plant, 215 College Heights, C5
SFA Saunders Fine Arts Building, 629 Normal Way, C3
SIMS Sims Hall, 215 Friendship St., C5
SL Soils Lab, C6
SMH Smith Hall, 318 Old Main Circle, C5
SSAC Student Services and Admissions Center, 1860 Blue Raider Dr., E4
STRO Strobel Lobby, C4
STU Student Union Building, 1768 MTSU Blvd., E4
TB Telescope Building, 1852 MTSU Blvd., F4
TENN Buck Bouldin Tennis Center, 1210 Greenland Dr., B1
TCM Telecommunications Building, 732 Champion Way, D2
TLC Tennessee Livestock Center, 1720 Greenland Dr., D2
TODD Andrew L. Todd Hall, 542 Old Main Circle, C4
UP University Police, 1412 East Main Street, B6
VA Vocational Agriculture, 1704 Lightning Way, D3
VET Voorhies Engineering Technology, 1212 Faulkinberry Dr., B3
WANH Internal Audit, 209 North Baird Ln., C6
WC Woodmore Cybercafé, 319 Friendship St., C5
WH Warehouse (Maintenance Complex), 1672 Greenland Dr., D1
WLA Womack Lane Apartments A-L, 1815 Alumni Dr., E5
WMB Wright Music Building, 1439 Faulkinberry Dr., C3
WPS Wiser-Patten Science Hall, 422 Old Main Circle, C4
WSC Wood-Stegall Center (Development and Advancement), 120 Old Main Circle, B5