Exceptional students deserve an exceptional faculty. As part of its commitment to quality, MTSU provides students the opportunity to interact with and be guided by the nation’s leading educators and practitioners. Here are some recent examples of faculty members at MTSU achieving great things.

Colby Jubenville

The Success Coach

Health and Human Performance professor Colby Jubenville is intent on helping soon-to-be graduates make a successful transition from college classes to gainful employment.

“Students make a commitment to higher education by investing their time, money, and energy with the belief that we have the people and resources to help them become gainfully employed,” Jubenville said.

A former college football coach turned professor, author, international speaker, blogger, and consultant, Jubenville offers an innovative approach to teaching that has led to remarkable success stories. Graduates of his program occupy front-office positions in top-tier franchises like the Houston Astros, Tennessee Titans, and Talladega Motor Speedway. (Jubenville is pictured here with former student Anthony Dudley, Nashville Sports Council development director.)

“My focus at MTSU over the last 15 years is about helping students find their voice. And voice is the intersection of talent, passion, conscience, and need in the world,” Jubenville said. To that end, the College of Behavioral and Health Sciences recently launched the new Center for Student Coaching and Success—a place for Jubenville to do in an official capacity what he has been doing unofficially for 15 years. A seven-figure financial gift from real estate developer John Floyd served as the launching point for the center, housed in the Miller Education Center on Bell Street.

The center focuses on five areas to help students understand how to systematically bridge the gap from graduation to gainful employment: academic skills and critical thinking; emotional intelligence; personal branding; persuasion; and career development.

Heather Brown

School of Rock

MTSU has merged its signature concrete program with its construction counterpart to form the MTSU School of Concrete and Construction Management. From cutting-edge research, to virtually guaranteed student success and job placement, to the rollout of an executive training program attracting concrete professionals from around the world, the Concrete Industry Management program is one of the University’s biggest success stories

Adding interest to the mix is that steering the school is a woman: Heather Brown, who has defied stereotypes and carved out a solid reputation in the national concrete industry. Brown was recently named one of four 2017 Most Influential People in Concrete Construction by an industry publication.

Brown had been a research assistant for the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) while pursuing her education and then joined the MTSU program over 15 years ago. “It was all about concrete, and that’s what I’d primarily worked on during my master’s and Ph.D., so it was a passion of mine already,” Brown said. “I jumped right in, and I loved it.” Now she’s helping students channel that same passion.

MTSU has offered both the nationally recognized concrete management program— the first of its kind in the country—and the highly successful residential/development and commercial construction program for more than 20 years. There are 310 students combined in the two majors. Each graduating MTSU concrete major receives an average of 8.4 job offers, and starting salaries from 2012–16 averaged almost $43,000 in Tennessee and nearly $51,000 out of state.